Rain-X Vs Bosch Wiper Blade Reviews

Speaking wiper and comparison may seem boring, that is, until the unexpected winter storm arrives while driving alone on a road with many curves. Sometimes we get so the important things that caught up with our cars, that we forget the little things.

Rain-X and Bosch are wipers number one and number two sold windshield on the market. Although both may look the same, the two companies produce different products may interest consumers.

Traditional Wiper Blades

A traditional blade brackets made of plastic or metal connecting the rubber blade to the wiper arm of the vehicle. The problem is that snow and ice build up in the rule in these parts, which reduces the efficiency of the cleaning of the blade. Timers use this traditional cleaners and both Bosh and rain X yet they produce.

Not Supported Blades

Both companies wiper blades without parentheses (jet vanes). unsupported blades have no joints or hinges that prevented from building up on the blade snow and ice. They are elegant in style. Rain X Bosch and design their blades without pillars to withstand heavy rain, snow and ice through a drip process, the driver improved visibility during heavy storms. There is also a wind spoiler in both products support X Bosch rain and blades that keep help reduce the best wiper noise.

Okay, now let us compare Bosch icon wiper blade reviews and rain X Weatherbeater!

Rain Latitude X and repel Blades (not supported)

Rain X markets its next-generation Latitude and reject support wiper blades without claiming that they are easy to install, they give drivers a high performance and clean up your frame Frostproof is. Latitudes and repels cleaners graphite design with a uniform pressure are coated. These plates fit all vehicles and are now the number one in the market wiper blade. X Rain put a spoiler on them to reduce wind noise Wiper.

There is only one difference between latitude and blades repel. Repulsive blades with patented bead rainwater X, which is a chemical treatment, which is placed on the windshield during assembly and is activated when the wiper is used in the rain.

Rain support X-Blades

Rain X latitude reviews adds steel blades wiper bearing Weather Beater prevent oxidation galvanized. Rain experts claim that the Weather Beater X “Consumer Rated best visibility in wet driving.”

Bosch Evolution (not supported)

Bosch has brushes more than 75 years. Its top of the wiper blade, Evolution, is an unsupported sheet with a special blend of steel and graphite. Bosch is launching two tension springs on the evolution steel used to hug the windshield of a vehicle. This cleaner has an aerodynamic wind spoiler, the snow and ice blocks several work to reach the springs tensions wiper and uses outside air to push the blade closer to the windshield.

Bosch DirectConnect Scraper

This precision cutting blade used natural rubber, and has a steel structure, the aerodynamic Bosch includes zinc primer to resist oxidation. Consumers install with the blade through the DirectConnect trademark of Bosch, they are in a one-step process in the exchange of the knives in their vehicles.

Bosch wiper blades MicroEDGE

Micro Edge has all the features of the DirectConnect and fully comprises tension springs included for better weather protection. The sheet also includes the Quiet-Glide technology Bosch brand that when reduces the noise of the blade in use.

Bosch Excel + Scraper

This sheet has all the features of the Micro Edge and includes a dual rubber compound on the sheet more difficult cleaning. The cleaner also lasts twice as long as other support leaves Bosch.

Bosch ICON Scraper

This sheet has all the features of Excel + and includes a protective plug to weathering preinstalled wiper arms is oxidized to protect.